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Is your uterus filled with toxic waste?

During the month of October, I am dedicating my blog posts to black women and fibroids.  The series will discuss a myriad of topics that include foods that increase and decrease fibroid growth, popular and natural treatments, exercise, lifestyle choices, etc.  This series of posts is what I wish I had found when I wanted to learn about my fibroids and how to get rid of them, naturally.  My intention is to encourage more black women to write their own stories so we can move more black women towards prevention of fibroid growth and better health — not hysterectomies.

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors in the uterus.  Most resources on fibroids will tell you that they are simply tumors — or abnormal growths — that form in the uterus.  This information is correct, however this does not fully explain what fibroids are.

Essentially, fibroids are collections of waste being stored on the inside and outside of your uterine wall.  These waste products include parasites, mucus, worms, etc.  Most Americans’ normal systems of eliminating waste are so clogged up due to our over-consumption of processed foods, lack of exercise, and poor nutritional habits.  Your skin is a major part of your body’s natural detoxification system.  Toxins leave our skin through sweat.  However, if you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle, you are not eliminating as much as you should.

Your colon is another major part of your body’s detoxification system.  Ideally, you should be moving your bowels AFTER EVERY MEAL.  That’s right, ladies — AFTER EVERY MEAL!  If you eat 3 times a day and only move your bowels once a week, that means you have at least 20 other meals locked in your colon.  Remember, this waste accumulates over YEARS, so if your are 30 years of age, you’ve probably got 30 years worth of meals stuck in your colon.  NASTY!!!  Fibroid tumors develop as a way to protect your body from absorbing these toxins circulating in your body.

Looking at fibroids as “abnormal growths” takes the onus of getting rid of your fibroids away from you and on to doctors.  The first gynecologist who diagnosed me with fibroids told me they were muscular growths that probably will never go away.  She told me I should just take birth control pills and pain killers to manage the symptoms.  Once I understood that fibroid tumors are a collection of trash bags in your uterus, it shifted my whole attitude towards my own role in taking charge of my health.  It is possible for me to detoxify my own body; it is more difficult to get rid of abnormal muscular growths without surgical intervention.  Understand that I am not advocating skipping a visit to your doctor.  What I am advocating for is that you find a doctor that educates his/her patients on what is going on with your body.  You must also do your part and ask questions about everything.  Do not be intimidated if your doctor says things that go over your head.  The result can mean the difference between keeping and losing your uterus.

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One Response to The Uterine Fibroid & Toxic Waste Connection

  1. Becky W says:

    Have you developed more information since the writing of this blog. I am very interested in this subject. What references do you have for fibroids being “toxin bags”?

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