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Are you one of those women who love to drench your salad in ranch dressing?  I mean, drench your salad to the point where you can no longer see any green on the plate???  If yes, then today’s post is dedicated to you.

Salads are the easiest thing to make to get more fresh greens into your body.  I hear many women say that they get bored with the same salads all the time.  However, if you know the basics of a good salad dressing, there is no end to the number of flavorful dressings you can create.  Store bought salad dressings are filled with unhealthy fats, preservatives, sugar, and a number of other things that no person who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

When I make my salad dressings, I usually drench my greens in my homemade dressings (depending on what it is made of, of course…).  This sweet and savory strawberry vinaigrette is one of those dressings you can coat your greens with.  I paired it with some simple spicy arugula and a few slices of sweet yellow peppers.  The dressing is rather strong, so it should be eaten with something that will withstand the flavor like arugula or even kale.  Spring Mix may just wilt away and be too light for this dressing.  Enjoy!

You will eat more fresh salads if you learn how to make flavorful dressings.


10 fresh strawberries, crushed

1/4 cup rice vinegar

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic, minced

1 teaspoon honey

salt and pepper to taste

Put all these ingredients into a closed container and shake well.  The measurements are approximate and can be adjusted to suit your tastes.


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