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How do you recognize signs of stress in YOUR body?


Welcome to day 2 of Fibroid Awareness Week!  Today I am focusing on the role of stress in the development of fibroids.  You can read day one’s post here.

It is not unusual to hear women with fibroids say that during times of the greatest stress, they can literally FEEL their fibroids getting larger.  I can certainly relate.  When my fibroids were at their worst, my bleeding was always the heaviest.  I also noticed that being stressed cause an unhealthy cycle of binge eating on processed meats and sugars that only contributed to my fibroid growth.  What I did not realize is that stress increases estrogen in the body, the hormone that feeds your fibroids.  It is important that we find ways to de-stress our bodies as it not only feeds fibroids, but it can lead to heart disease, obesity, and a number of other health problems.

One of the things I rarely took advantage of when I had a conventional job was the three day weekend.  The three day weekend is that special gift that comes generally every one to two months in most people’s work calendar (I do realize that not everyone who works may be able to take advantage of this…).  I always used those three day weekends to do what?  You guessed it:  catch up on old work!  So I was either doing graduate school homework, doing work from my job, or other things that brought me absolutely no added joy.  Don’t get me wrong…  I did enjoy a lot of the work I was doing, however I never took any much needed breaks — which only led to burnout.  After a while, I started to loathe the career I had spent what was almost a decade trying to create.

The three day weekend is perfect for several reasons:

  1. You don’t have to take any vacation days. When you are a busy career woman, paid vacation days are priceless, particularly when you don’t get a lot of them.  And let’s face it… one to two weeks of paid time off is not enough when you work 50+ hours a week.
  2. You can take a short day trip to a location that is not far from your home.  My best three day weekend trip was only an hour and a half drive from DC to West Virginia.  I got a private, air conditioned room in a hostel for only $40 per night.  I spent the weekend in quiet bliss reading books, writing, and tubing down the Shenandoah River.  Pure bliss!
  3. OR, you can choose to make a vacation without leaving your home at all.  If you are low on cash, you can always make an adventure right where you are.  Hit your public library and find a good book to read.  Most public libraries also have a number of movies you can rent — for FREE.  If going out to eat is not in the budget, plan to make a full meal for yourself; this includes an appetizer, a main meal, dessert, and wine.
  4. Great way to spend time alone.  I am a huge supporter of traveling alone.  Your three day weekend should be about you and you alone.  The addition of other people during your special weekend can easily turn into a weekend of complaining or listening to someone else’s problems.  You do not want any other distractions to get in the way of you clearing out your stress.  Grab a journal and write about anything that comes to you during this time.

Do you need help learning how to de-stress your life and heal yourself of fibroids?  Email me at for a FREE consultation to unlock your womb wisdom.

2 Responses to De-Stress Your Fibroids

  1. Looking back at the times when my bleeding was the heaviest it was always when i was subconsciously stressed out. as soon as i resolved the stressful issue, the bleeding would stop the next day. I knew it was stress… but now i see why. Thanks for this post. I appreciate your work.

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