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journal-writing-fibroids-black-womenThe internet is filled with “get healthy now” messages and seasonal cleansing programs that promote detox as a jumpstart to a healthy life. Changing how you eat is a great first step to cleansing your physical body. However, deep cleansing goes much further than just changing your food. Detox is also about delving into your mind and spirit. Journal writing while detoxing can be the activity that helps you to achieve greater results from your detox plan.

Why journaling?

Journal writing, whether done during a detox or not, is beneficial for a number of reasons. One of the most important benefits is that writing helps us process our thoughts and feelings. We may not always be conscious of it, but we are learning in every minute of the day. Our positive and negative experiences in life color our decisions and how we relate to the world. However, in the rush of life, there aren’t many opportunities for us to stop and think about what those lessons mean to us. Journal writing provides an opportunity to do so.

How can journal writing support my detox?

What is wonderful about journal writing is that you are the sole beneficiary of its results. This is not the same kind of writing you did in school for a grade or competition. There is no word count and you will not be accosted by the grammar police. You don’t even have to share your words unless you choose to. Check out these benefits of journal writing while detoxing.

  1. Make time to focus on yourself. Some detox regimens can be rather strict, meaning that you have to take time to prepare your foods, engage yourself in physical movement, and commit to your spiritual practice. Journal writing supports your efforts to bring all those elements together into a routine that makes sense.
  2. Process feelings that have been suppressed by toxicity. Journal writing helps us process negative emotions like anxiety, anger, and fear, leaving space to create more positive emotions and experiences.
  3. Release stress from your body. Removing stimulants like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and refined foods from your diet puts stress on your body’s elimination systems. Journal writing can ease that release.
  4. Create a permanent archive of your progress over time. Journals provide written proof of what you were experiencing while detoxing and how far you have come since you started.
  5. Address your blockages to progress. If you wonder why your repeated attempts at weight loss don’t work, you keep getting into the same bad relationship year after year, or why you keep attracting the wrong job for your skills and personality, journal writing can help you analyze why you continue to repeat the same patterns.
  6. Connect with spirit. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, you know that it can be difficult to connect with your source when your mind is filled with junk. Journal writing can help clear out the muck and get to what matters.

Before you begin your next detox, take the time to get yourself a pretty notebook from a local stationery store or use an online approach to journal writing like WordPress and start a blog (just make sure you use the private setting if you don’t want it to be read by others). Be sure to set your intention for your detox and write it down. What questions do you have on your heart that need to be answered? How do you want to feel once you get to the end of your program? Journal writing may feel forced at first, particularly if you are not used to writing. However I encourage you to stick with it. You may be surprised to see what you learn about yourself in the end.

Are you suffering with fibroids and are looking for a natural way to begin to address the issue? Check out my ebook, Loving My Fibroids Away: A 10-Day Detox Plan.  I use journal writing as a method to help you ease stress as well as give you the time and space for you to focus on how everyday living has contributed to your fibroids.


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