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Get Better Sleep with Geranium Rose Essential Oil
How do you use scents in your life? Did you know that you can use them to heal?
I have always had an aversion to smell good products like lotions, soaps, and incense. It may start off smelling nice in the package, but it always seemed toxic to my body. I could feel my nose and lungs burn as I breathe it in. My stomach sometimes turns sideways trying to get used to the foreign invasion.
Enter essential oils. I just bought geranium essential oils from Djehuty Ma’at-Ra’s (this is NOT an affiliate link). Let me tell you, after using this oil, I got the SLEEP OF MY LIFE!
But before I tell you about how these essential oils helped me to finally get some sound rest, let me tell you about what essential oils are.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from plants and flowers through distillation. Traditionally, essential oils have been used for a variety of purposes. Essential oils like jasmine, peppermint, and orange have been known to improve your emotional well-being. Others can be used as a massage aid to improve your physical well being. You can use essential oils as part of your cleaning regimen as opposed to depending upon chemical cleaners that are adding to the estrogen overload in your body, leading to fibroids and other womb illnesses. You can also use oils like frankincense and myrrh to enhance your spiritual awareness.

Use essential oils to help you sleep

I bought a one ounce bottle of geranium rose oil from It is not advisable to put essential oils directly on your skin. You need what is called a carrier oil — a natural oil like olive, coconut, or grapeseed oil. After a hot shower, I put about a tablespoon  of carrier oil in my hands. Then placed 2 to 3 drops of essential oil into the carrier oil in my hands. Finally, I lather my skin with it. It smells like absolute HEAVEN! The steam in the bathroom will help you create your own personal aromatherapy session. Take the time to breathe in deeply while massaging the oils into your skin. Be mindful of what you are doing rather than rush through it. This counts as your “ME” time. Put on some pretty pajamas — or just sleep naked if that’s your thing… If this stuff doesn’t lull you into a deep sleep, I don’t know what will.

Watch out for cheap essential oils

Essential oils are NOT the same as the oils you may find for $5 at a festival or on the streets of a big city. Those oils are often laced with chemicals that you probably should not be using on your body anyway. There are also oils labeled as essential oils, or pure oils, that are really not “essential” at all. These may contain a small percentage of essential oils with other things in there as a filler. You really have to do your own research and find out what brands you like.
I was so excited about this geranium oil from that I went ahead and contacted my friend and chef, Madea Allen. You may remember that I did an interview with her some time ago. She sells essential oils from Young Living. I loved that brand because she is able to use those oils in some of her recipes! So now that I have had a chance to benefit from essential oils personally — and you know that I love to cook with the best ingredients — I felt compelled to join Young Living myself. So when my first set of oils come in the mail, you’ll be the first to know!
Have you tried using essential oils? What do you use them for?

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