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Whitney Houston: gone too soon

I generally don’t care about celebrity news.  But Whitney Houston’s death stings.  Why?  Because I was rooting for her recovery.  I did not care if she never sang another song again.  I prayed for her health and her sanity.  I prayed for her mother, daughter, and other loved ones who had to watch her stuff her pain down with drugs and alcohol.  Ms. Houston owned her pain saying in a 2002 interview, “The biggest devil is me.  I am either my best friend or worst enemy.”  And this statement is true for many of us.  We cover our pain with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, a string of bad relationships, make-up, hairstyles, plastic surgery, tons of stuff we can’t afford, or just a simple smile when we know we really are crying on the inside.  Ms. Houston wore her pain on the outside, at least some of the time.  She wasn’t in denial like many of us are, afraid that our true selves will be found out.  Every moment we waste trying to cover up our “stuff” is another day that is wasted.  I vote that we stop covering up our pain and share what we are going through.  There is always an ear that will listen.  There is no need for any human being to suffer in silence.

Halona Black is a Writer, Personal Chef, and Health Coach. She is currently offering free, private health consultations to women interested in talking about their experience with fibroids and other reproductive health challenges. If you are interested, you can complete a health history form and Halona will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your responses.

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3 Responses to Let’s Stop Covering Up

  1. You make an excellent point here.
    I totally agree!!
    Everyone has stuff happening
    Or stuff that has happened
    And the sad thing is most of us choose
    Not to deal with it
    Or rather to deal with it in
    the wrong way…
    I think it’s very sad that she’s gone.

  2. Bobbi O. says:

    Thank you for your take on Ms. Houston’s passing. I agree and was praying she would make it. I heart pains for her daughter; who has seen and experienced do much in young life. I hope she will learn to better deal with her pain. I know Whitney is at peace now, but too soon to go.

  3. sibusiso says:

    Hi Halona, Thanx for bringing up this topic and sorry for belated response. While i do not side with covering up pain and do justify Ms Houston for covering up pain, i would like to say at times the no one is wiiling to listen when one needs help most. Everyone is busy with their business such that you are made to feel you are a nuisance. Was also saddened by her death. She was still young to die.

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