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Happy Fibroid Awareness Week!  No, really…  It’s a national holiday (at least according to Google…).  This week I am writing a series of articles solely on fibroids.  The thoughts you will read this week are those I have been mulling in my head the last few months as I learn more about fibroid treatments and the many different women that are living with the symptoms.

One of the things I am getting used to as a Women’s Health Counselor is people constantly asking me for health advice.  Once they hear my specialty in womb wellness, they become even more curious, as this specialty is often difficult to find.  One of the most common questions I get is, “should I choose the natural or western route to curing my fibroids?”  It’s a great question with a not-so-simple response.

Which is Better: Natural or Western Medicine?

When people ask whether they should use natural methods or western medicine, my answer is, “what do you think you should do?”  Then, they look at me all confused and say, “but aren’t you a Health Counselor?”  My response to that is always the same:  as a Health Counselor, my job is to help you think through your own decisions about your health.  Modern medicine has made it so that many people are solely looking to the doctors for health information and have stopped listening to what their bodies are telling them they need.  They will often ignore signs of health imbalance until it is an emergency and the doctors have no choice but to put them on a regiment of pills or even surgery for things that are more serious.

This is often what happens to women with fibroids; women wait until their fibroids are an emergency, then seek treatment looking for instant relief from their painful menses, heavy bleeding, back pain, etc.  Western medicine concerns itself with treating illness.  Many of us will only see a doctor when something is wrong.  We get a quick pill and the illness is either managed or goes away, and we return to our old habits that nurture more illness.  Natural medicine does not work in the same way.  Natural medicine generally works in cooperation with the maintenance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  You can’t expect to drink a tea designed to rid you of fibroids, then eat Burger King for dinner.

Good Health is Highly Individual

So many of us have gotten so used to the pill popping and quick fixes to problems that have been brewing for years; we just were never conscious of the circumstances that led us to sickness in the first place.  So which really is better: natural or western medicine?  In a perfect world, I would hope we could solely depend on natural medicine to keep us healthy.  However the truth is that the road to good health is highly individual.  I have seen women with fibroids who have been leading unhealthy lives for years.  There are others who would say they eat well and exercise regularly and they do not fit into what most doctors tell them a person with fibroids looks like.  There are even more examples within these two extremes.

Take stock of where you are with your health and your fibroids.  If your fibroids at the point of an emergency (severe anemia, fainting, cannot leave the house due to heavy bleeding, etc.) then you may be considering a surgical intervention such as a myomectomy or UFE (for the record, I would NEVER recommend a hysterectomy for fibroids and if your doctor tells you you need one, get a second opinion IMMEDIATELY).  On the other end of the spectrum, you may be experiencing slightly heavier periods and perhaps are slightly anemic, you may be able to start with natural remedies and experience some success over time.  However, many women (myself included) have chosen a treatment plan that combines both natural and western medicine.

Contact Me to Develop Your Treatment Plan Today

I know the number of fibroid treatments out there are confusing — I have been there myself.  I am available to help you decide what methods of treatment work best for you.  Want to learn more?  Email me at to find out how you can do a FREE consultation to unlock your womb wisdom.

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