FREE E-COURSE! Want to know what foods keep you healthier, longer?

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  • Learn what foods keep your urinary tract healthy!
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Are you looking for a WOMB HEALTH COACHLearn more about my 6-month coaching program.  Got questions?  Email or call 202-250-0415.

COOKING CLASSES make great learning and team building opportunities.  I do participatory cooking classes and demonstrations for corporations, small businesses, groups, and individuals for women AND men.  Email me at or call 202-250-0415 to learn more.

Do you want to INTERVIEW ME about food and womb health?  You can email me at or call 202-250-0415.


3 Responses to Contact

  1. Priya says:

    Hi Halona,
    I love your website. It’s so creative and organized. Can I ask what company you used to create it? I am also a graduate from IIN. I actually just graduated last week and I’m looking to start my own practice. Your blog and website are very inspiring to me. You’re doing great work! Thank you. Priya

    • Hi Priya! Thank you for your compliment! I use that is hosted on bluehost. I prefer it to the IIN site they give us because it gives you a lot more freedom and control over what you want to do with your site. Congratulations on graduating! I finished in October 2012. Definitely a wonderful program that I will never regret investing in.

  2. Sandra Butler says:

    Hi Halona, Do you have a recipe for a raw dessert with garlic as an ingredient?

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